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Chris Adnam’s How to Play the Didgeridoo

The Lesson, the Land the Spirit

Didgeridoo DVD

Chris Adnam’s How to Play the Didgeridoo has been the standard reference since it was produced 20 years ago. This is a unique and highly regarded program that helped many students to understand the techiques and the context of this age old instrument. Chris combines clear, graded instruction with visualized notation that animates to allow you to rehearse the exercise songs with your own sounds.



didjeridu DVD

Steve Coopers Snapper Secrets.

Mako fishing DVD
Snapper Fishing DVD

Thirty years of investigation and note taking come to fruition as Steve follows the seasonal migration of Big Red into Port Phillip Bay. Snapper up to 20lb are taken as we learn the background and hints about catching the most prized fish in southern Australian waters


MAKO on the Fly

Snapper Secrets DVD
Mako DVD

Blue Lightening in Bass Straight. Steve Cooper doing it the hard way.

Terry Shappard's *How to Series ***How to Catch Freshwater Fish ***How to Catch Saltwater Fish ***Sportfishing for Carp

Freshwater Fishing DVD Saltwater Fishing DVD
Carp Fishing DVD
saltwater fishing DVD
Freshwater Fishing DVD

Terry's introduction to fishing and fishing safety.


Terry's species decimator.

Mick Hall 's Fly Tying Masterclass Series

Trout Flys DVD
Dry Fly Masterclass DVD Mayfly tying DVD
Freshwater Fishing DVD
Freshwater Fishing DVD

Mick's Masterclass 3 Making Mayflies. A double DVD set featuring all the stages of the nymph life-cycle plus a brilliant reference library of both the swimming & crawling nymphs, emergers and spinners.

The classic Fly Tying Masterclass 1 & 2 now a double DVD. Re-edited and re-structured with the fly patterns and techniques you need to start you on the right track. Each fly is introduced with an animated build clearing showing proportions and construction process.


Saltwater Fly Tying Methods 1 & 2.

Saltwater flies DVD
Salt water flies DVD
Bigger and tougher flies for bigger and tougher fish. Mick again sets out the techiques, materials and structure of the flies that bring on the sharp teeth.
Freshwater Fishing DVD Freshwater Fishing DVD

Some of the subjects in the Bushcraft Library are for novices and some are reasonably specialized. All are programs that take the time to carefully present both a clear overview of the selected topic and also a personal appreciation of the finer details of construction, performance or application.They are made to a standard of teaching that I would have liked to have had when I was learning for the first time.

The presenters in the Bushcraft programs are teachers of long standing who have dedicated many years to the study and explanation of their particular interests. Both beginners and old hands can learn from the various levels of information presented.

And they're pretty. Not the presenters, the programs. The topics are woven into the bright lightand soft colours of this big, wild old landscape.



And finally for those of use a who aren't socially inclined - there's Hot Rods & Hill Climbs.

Custom Cars DVD
Hot Rods DVD Drag racing DVD
Hot Rods DVD
Custom Cars DVD

Made in association with Larry O’Toole of Australian Street Rod fame - this is what it was like when we had the money, petrol and freedom to burn.


But if you prefer to thrash English cars. Try the Arthurs Seat / Rob Roy inaugural bash.

Hill Climbs

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