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Chris Adnam's
How to play the Didgeridoo.
The Lessons, the Land, the Spirit.


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Here are some comments about the program:
Didge notation

"This DVD is far and away the most comprehensive and user-friendly visual learning aid for the Didjeridu on the market. .. the footage used in the practice sessions of the program is beautifully Australian and of an extremely professional standard. Chris' presentation style is friendly and clear and the simple graphics appear as Karaoke type symbols on the screen and are so tightly edited into the soundtrack that playing along becomes a breeze."

-- Scot Gardner. Didgenews Nov 96.

"The DVD would be appropriate for beginning or medium level students of all ages. Although the combination exercises towards the end of the video would take considerable skill to execute, the underlying message is that they are achievable with practice and patience."

-- Dr. Karl Neuenfeldt. Australian Music Teacher Magazine.


Didge animal notation

"It is an excellent product. I was most impressed with the use of computer animation to show how to incorporate each technique as it is played and visually cue the student in such away as they can play right along with the tape. That is a very nice innovation. Do pass on my highest praise for the work to Chris and all involved. It is a great product!

-- Ed Drury. The Beginner's Heart.


Didge notation

Like the bone and the space craft sequence in the Kubrick film 2001, we have attempted to combine the oldest known musical instrument with the power of animated computer graphics to visualise the didgeridoo's notes, durations and musical effects.

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The viewer is taken through some of this country's finest landscapes and entertained with the stereo ambiance of rainforest and desert scrubland birds.

Coupled with Chris' easy eight step technique you have a visually powerful teaching aid that puts the didgeridoo firmly in the context of the land that it celebrates.



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