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Chris Adnam's
How to play the Didgeridoo.
The Lessons, the Land, the Spirit.

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Description of program.

This is an hour long programme that contains a years worth of student instruction and rehearsal material.

The programme has eight parts that take the student from the initial cheek-strengthening exercises right through to fast, multi-voice performance.
The notes of the didgeridoo are visually presented as simple animated pictograms which are overlaid on the live-action teaching sequences. ( Two years in the making! ) The Didgeridoo notation page has samples of some of these teaching aids. See link from the next page ...

In between the teaching segments are evocative landscapes which help set the didgeridoo into the landscape from where it comes.



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Didge animal notation

The programme also contains three animated play along rehearsal pieces that are designed to be used repeatedly. The didgeridoo notes are animated across the bottom of the screen displaying the variety of voices, durations and rhythms.

The intention is for you to turn off the audio and play along to the animated notation as you serenade the landscape.

We have segments that explain the creation of 'voices' from the Australian bush, but we suggest how you can make these voices from your own environment.

didgeridu notation
didjeridu animal notation
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