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Chris Adnam's
How to play the Didgeridoo.
The Lessons, the Land, the Spirit.

Didgeridoo DVD
First released at Didjfest 1996 Chris Adnam’s DVD has become a standard reference for didgeridoo instruction. The programme set out to combine Chris’ clear musical technique with a sense of the wonder of this ancient and isolated land. We also attempted to integrate the music with a style of animated visual notation that reflects the character of the indiginous art.
Below are some details that should set this project and our intentions in making this didgeridoo teaching DVD.
didgeridoo lessons
Chris has studied the dramatic, multi-voiced staccato style of didgeridoo playing from tribesmen in Arnhem Land. But he has developed a unique and contemporary style of playing that is clearly unlike the sacred and still current ceremonial and social usages of the traditional music.

Chris' virtuoso representation of the Arnhem Land style is made to offer the didgeridoo student a traditional-style direction to the international spread of interest in this powerful instrument. He has taken great are to preserve the tribal roots of this music by leaving the naming of the traditional notes and the musical structures of the songs in the control of the tribes where they belong.

Our programme has been very well received by a variety of didge playing groups in Australia, in no small part because of the respectful way we are able to introduce and explain the playing technique of this important and evocative ceremonial instrument.

The sound that dreams the land, the didgeridoo.

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Chris Adnam's How to play the Didgeridoo. The lessons, the Land, the Spirit

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