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How to catch Freshwater Fish
by Terry Sheppard.

Bait & Lure Fishing / Coarse Angling.

Terry Sheppard’s introduction to catching freshwater fish is a unique and very popular program that fills a simple but often overlooked gap in fishing instruction. This is a beginner’s program that gives kids of all ages a simple and entertaining start to inexpensively and safely catching freshwater fish.

Terry introduces basic skills, good techniques and links it all with common sense and a practical approach to conservation.

Where are the likely spots? What’s the right bait? What’s the best gear?

These questions and many more are answered by Terry in this information-packed 60 minute DVD.

How to catch fish

Terry takes you to a variety of fishing spots and explains useful hints on subjects such as water conditions; fish feeding behaviour; finding the correct fishing depth; rigging floats and hooks; casting rods and reels; telescopic poles; using quiver-tip rods; lure types and typical fish responses; use of live bait such as worms and yabbies; fish appetite stimulants; casting techniques; using a fish net and even how to clean your fish.

Like all styles of sport fishing, coarse angling is set apart by the attitude and approach of the fisherman. In a similar way to fly fishing, the coarse angler needs a fair degree of imagination as part of his technique. But unlike fly fishing, coarse fishing requires the skill of imagining and actually plotting the features of the water and the bank to be fished. After taking the time to discover the features of the body of water in front of him, a coarse angler will set about bringing the fish to where he’s set up.

Relaxing on a folding chair with boxes of specialized tackle around him and even with an umbrella overhead, the coarse fisherman uses the lake or river to bring the fish to him. Coarse anglers don’t travel light, but they often come home with a heavy swag of fish.

‘This is an excellent DVD that achieves exactly what it sets out to do.

Terry’s presentation is relaxed and professional and puts the viewer right in the drivers seat. Terry is a well- known coarse angler but this video is not just about coarse angling. Terry expertly demonstrates the very best techniques to use in a number of different situations to get the best result.

Fish species covered include native fish such as Murray Cod and golden perch and introduced species such as trout and redfin. He starts by showing the techniques required to bait-fish rivers - both fast and slow moving. Terry intersperses his dialogue with plenty of handy hints and tricks of the trade which can make a fishing day. Both float fishing and bottom fishing techniques are covered.

The scene then shifts to a series of dams and small impoundments - where all the various float and bottom fishing bait techniques, and lure casting are given a full viewing.

A very good DVD, full of information and one that will help many anglers catch more fish!’

Freshwater Fishing Magazine.

The Art of Catching Fish with Bait. Terry's explanation of 'Coarse Fishing'.

Coarse is now a little used word that for me stirs up feelings about the old world. A static world where there were refined gentlemen who played by the rules ( of their own making ) and coarse men who did what they needed to do to get by.

Coarse fishing these days is anything but old world, it's hi-tech fish hunting, but it's still very much focused on the success of a fishing trip being measured by the fish caught. The title may be quaint and now inappropriate but the spirit of coarse angling still accurately reflects it's origins: businesslike men going about fishing in a businesslike manner.

Coarse fishing put simply is bait fishing, as distinct from fly fishing or spinning. The basic idea revolves around perfect bait presentation in any conditions which combined with highly effective ground baiting or berlying methods greatly improves any angler's chance of catching fish.

Coarse fishing has been revolutionised in recent years by a surge of hi-tech advancements in tackle and techniques which have improved theangler's equipment almost beyond recognition.

Today there is a range of tackle and baits available to catch fish almost by design and incidentally, to this day on most trout and salmon waters in the U.K., New Zealand and Tasmania, you are only permitted to use lures or flies - coarse fishing is banned!

Why? Simple, coarse angling catches too many fish.

And that is the purpose of this video, to help you catch more fish.

If you're serious about catching fish the DVD will help you focus on how you fish, where you fish and give you ways of setting up your tackle that are infinitely adjustable until you find the best method of bait presentation on the day. We then go into how to stimulate them into feeding and then select and present the baits in such a natural way that the fish have almost no chance of resisting.

Coarse angling is freshwater fishing made serious.

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