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Snapper Secrets review.


Review from 'Ocean, Field and River' magazine. July-September 2001.

...... If you only ever buy one fishing video make sure it's this one .....

The video is filled with general information about Snapper as well. Cooper brings as much information as he can into this film. He interviews some of the top Snapper fishermen in the Bay as well as fishing scientists. They complete the Snapper information package this video delivers.

You'll have to watch Snapper Secrets a number of times because the quality of secrets it delivers is too hard to collate and remember.

Underwater photography is also used to film squid fishing which is a very nice extra to all the squid info imparted.

At the thirty minute mark of the video Peter Smallwood starts to dropthe pearls mentioned earlier and justify why he uses squid and how to prepare a it as bait. This is golden!

The video builds to such a tidal wave of info I'd be surprised if you didn't stop it and go and get some writing paper. The first 30 minutes of this video are terrific. It lists all the general Snapper info you need to know. Before the next 30 minutes, I recommend you stop the video and go for your pen and paper.

If you only ever buy one fishing video make sure it's this one.

Sight and Sound .... Bill Oliver.

Snapper Secrets packs 30 years of Steve Coopers' persuit of snapper into 60 minutes, plus the experience and advice of two other snapper professionals - Peter Smallwood and Mark Ruston.

As the name implies it is full of Snapper catching secrets, delivered with clear and consice advice on the how, why and when of it all. It's filmed at the Southern end of Port Philip Bay Victoria and produced by Steve Cooper, the well-known fishing journalist. While produced by Cooper, it's main advisers are Mark Rushton and Peter Smallwood.

Both of these men depend on catching fish for their livlihood and have done so for many years and they drop pearls of advice almost every second. I know from personal experience with Mark Ruston that his knowledge of the bottom end of the bag is awesome. So if you can get out in a boat of your own, go with Smallwood or Ruston. You will have a first class day. I guarantee.

This video could not have a better name and they share their secret info with viewers big time. Nothing is held back. The advice is so clear and accurate that a young man and his brother known to the writer followed their tips the weekend after watching it, caught a bag of fish they attribute directly to this video. How good is that? It's worth twice the price, which is $40.00

An additional benefit of this video is how to catch squid, the best snapper bait available. And just as important, how to keep and present it to the snapper.

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