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Mick Hall's   Fly Tying Masterclass 3.     Making Mayflys

This is the brilliant conclusion to Mick's Masterclass Series. Bridging traditional materials and methods with the new synthetics we see both the why and how of successful fly design.

Mick has assembled a program showing flys that comprehensively represent the mayfly's life cycle and he has also prepared a unique reference library of both the crawling and swimming nymphs.

These digital photos represent three years worth of bug-hunting along Victorias rivers. They are stills of living mayflys in full daylight, looking exactly how the trout would see them just before they became lunch.


Stage by stage, Mick makes the flys explaining the build techniques and the trigger points built into the designs. This is a double DVD set, it continues to demonstrate Mick's outstanding dedication and teaching skill.


Making Mayflys DVD 1

Introduction to the life cycles
Brown nymph ... gold  bead head nymph
Pre emerger ... Klinkhamer
Possum Emerger ... Trigger Points

Making Mayflys DVD 2

Angling entomology
Quiggly Cripple ... Shaving Brush
Baetid Dun ... Mick's Highland Dun
Parachute Spent Spinner

The flys in Masterclass 1, 2 & 3 are shown with build stage diagrams in Mick's Fly Box.

Mick Halls Masterclass
Fly Tying orders
Mick's Fly Box link

Program 100 minutes approx.  

The materials and tying techniques of these simpler flys are explained in a way which makes clear the general principles and proportions behind successful fly tying. as Mick presented in Masterclass 1 & 2.

Fly tying is seen by many as an essential part of fishing.
Fly tiers can build into their flys the features which accurately reflect the local conditions. They then have the advantage of presenting a natural, appropriate and irresistable morsel to the wiley trout.

This program will show you how to tie a number of well-known patterns and give you the techniques and confidence to go on a develop your own variations.


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