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Chris Adnam's
How to play the Didgeridoo.
The Lessons, the Land, the Spirit.

On this page are six stills from the DVD which include the animated graphics used to teach the rhythm of the didgeridoo notes.Chris's spoken and performed instruction are supplimented by these synchronised graphics.

The visual differentiation of the notes is particularly useful in the three play-a-long rehearsal sequences to help seperate thesounds and their pattern in the performance. Once you have mastered the basic notes you can then turn down the TV volume and play-a-long with the notes to build up your own individual sound.

Forming the drone note Forming the Growl

Formation of the basic drone note - the Wacka.

Using the tongue to form the Growl.

The Reed note. The Cough.

The position of the tongue and teeth to make the Reed Note.

Introducing percussion with the Cough.

Circular Breathing.
The Overtone.

Setting the correct mouth shape for making the Overtone.

An explanation and exercises for the all important Circular Breathing.

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