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Damsel Nymph.

Damsel flies are found worldwide, they start to emerge from the watery depths around mid to late spring and in doing so, become a favourite target for a multitude of fish species. When trout feed in the emerging nymph forms, quite often all you will see is a bulge on the surface of the lake or pond. The colours of these nymphs can range from the palest green to dark green. Even the eye colouration can vary; I have seen specimens with brown eyes, green and yellow.
It is best to get to know your waters well and try and catch a few nymph forms to imitate. Another option to the pattern described is to drop the marabou, leaving just the rabbit hair fibres. This works better on smaller varieties.

Damsel Nymph

Build Stages.

Hook: Kamasan B 405 / Tiemco TMC 100
Hook size: 14 to 12

Undertail: Olive Zonker strip.

Eyes: Glass beads on 6 or 8 lb. nylon.

Tail: Marabou fibres.

Wing case: Plastic twine dyed olive.

Thorax: Dubbed olive rabbit fur.

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