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Mick Hall's Saltwater Fly Tying Methods:   Crazy Charlie.

Crazy Charlie

This fly is know as the Bonefish Special, however ask any shore-based angler who fishes the estuaries around any coastline and they will know of the Crazy Charley and its magical wonders. The fly was designed by Bob Nauheim from California while fishing out of Andros Island with Charley Smith, of Charley’s Haven. Charley’s comments were ‘Man, that’s a nasty fly". The fact is that Charley kept on calling this fly nasty, so much so that Bob originally called it the Nasty Charley.

Over the years the name has changed since it became commercially available and it is now know world wide as Crazy Charley. Tied so that it swims upside down with the hook point facing up, it literally makes it snag proof. Since the day this fly was known as Nasty Charley, it has seen so many variations that it is hard to keep up with. Just the same, is seems that whatever colour combination you come up with, there is a fish somewhere that will take it.

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