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Mick Hall's Saltwater Fly Tying Methods:   Clouser Minnow.

Clouser Minnow

Another fly introduced to the fly-fishing world by Lefty Kreh, and what an amazing pattern it is. Equally at home in freshwater, as it is offshore. With the heavy eyes tied on in the manner they are, as the fly is retrieved, it swims upside down. Well, the truth is it is designed to do this. Clouser Minnows are more or less tied upside down with the darkest colours under the hook and the lighter ones on top of the hook. With the added weight of the lead eye, which turns the fly over as it is being retrieved, it looks just like any baitfish.

The idea behind the pattern is that is can be fished in weedy areas without getting caught up or snagged; well, that’s the theory. Tied small on a size 6 hook, it takes trout as well as bonefish and a whole lot of other species as well.

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