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Mick Hall's Saltwater Fly Tying Methods:   Chum Fly.

Chum Fly

The Chum Fly is what it is, a representation of a piece of chewed up fish. You simply let it drift down behind the boat and it won’t be long before some toothy critter grabs hold of it and hangs on and it is going to be one heck of a ride.

Chum, berley lines, or whatever you call them, attract all sorts of feeding fish species. It is a deadly way of attracting fish to the back of your boat. Grinding up chunks of bait fish such as Pilchards (Sardines), and letting the scraps drift down the line, it is not long before you see those flashes of silver deep down under the boat, or, as happens in the sequence on the video, where a shark makes a visit.

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